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Our Mission and Values

  • We treat our providers like family, with a profound commitment to the well-being of their business
  • We are a member AAPC and align with their values
  • We are committed to providing individualized, unparalleled service to our providers. We are your comprehensive medical billing outsourcing solution

How We Run

  • Our focus is for the small and midsize practices. We specialize in Mental Health and Internal Medicine.
  • We understand the total patient financial cycle flow from benefits, pre-authorization, registration, billing, coding all the way to patient collections
  • Each staff member is committed to seeing your claims processing through to completion, from billing to point of payment, with continuous monitoring

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Maintain positive cash flows and low accounts receivable balances
  • Free up your staff to focus on increasing volume or other more productive tasks
  • Meet the specific needs of your office with our individualized plans
  •  Working closely with your office we will streamline the billing specific to your needs to produce a speedier claims submission and follow up process for reimbursements.

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