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Hello! We are Lisa and Walter Wuerfel. Owners of RoadRunner Billing! We created RoadRunner in 2017 and have been blessed beyond belief. Our staff is very dedicated to their clients and they take great care and pride in their work. Customer Services is our driving force giving our clients peace of mind that we are there when they need us. Along with keeping RoadRunner running Walter and I have 6 wonderful grandchildren that are growing way too fast! We also enjoy Farmer’s Markets and taking day trips around Arizona.


My name is Jessica and I have worked for RoadRunner Billing about 7 months now. I can honestly say I love my job. We work well as a team and do our absolute best for our clients. This opportunity has been a blessing and I am so glad to be part of the team.


Courtney is one of the billers and collectors that works for Roadrunner. He brings over 9 years of experience in revenue cycle management. He graduated with honors from Brookline College with a Degree in Medical Billing and Coding. Courtney is native to Phoenix, who lives with his spouse and 3 dogs who is an avid gamer, loves traveling, yoga, and keeping up with the latest news in healthcare.


My name is Debra Grippo and I have been working as a Medical Biller for the past twenty-five years. I am currently a Medical Billing Representative for Road Runner Billing. I am originally from Yonkers, NY but moved to the sunshine state of Florida in 2017 with my daughter. Outside of work I enjoy taking my dog for walks on the beach, spending time with family and friends, and reading a good book by the pool


I have been a medical biller for 20+ years and have had wonderful opportunities working with great people and love what I do. I have a wonderful husband of 16 years named Wes. I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. I have one indoor cat named “meow meow” ☺ and I have two dogs named buddy and Shandi. I love to fish, and I love doing crafts of all kinds, I love to spend quality time with family and friends cooking and playing games together. I am a Christian and love spending time in worship and in prayer. I love working at Roadrunner billing


Our goal is to provide focused, dedicated claims processing services to the Healthcare Industry.

Utilizing outsource billing services offers our providers more time to focus on their patients and their future health. We have experience in several healthcare specialties, including Podiatry, Internal Medicine, Mental Health and Pain Management.

RoadRunner Billing is experienced in managing the entire patient financial cycle from registration to patient collections. As an AAPC member, we pride ourselves on staying current on all coding and processing changes. We are committed to seeing that every effort is made to get your full reimbursement.


Tracking 100% of your claims until point of payment.

Your employees can focus on building your practice and maintaining your clientele.

Revenue streams that flow with the maintenance / overseeing the AR process.

Individualized plan built to meet your specific practice needs.

Impeccable customer service. Our dedication to respond to communication within 24 hours.

Technology necessary to prepare your claims clean and complete on the first submission.

No outsourcing. In-house staffing handles your entire claim process.


RoadRunner Billing provides individualized, unparalleled service to our Providers. Every staff member is committed to seeing your claim through to completion, from claims submission to point of payment, with continuous monitoring.

Individualized Plans Available… Contact Us to set up the Plan that meets your needs.

MISSION STATEMENT: To serve our Providers as if they are family, with a profound commitment to the well-being of their business.


“You guys services have been the best!!!! Prompt, professional, friendly prices .... that’s why I have referred 5 other homes to you guys ”
~Advanced Behavioral Health Services, Arizona
“Roadrunner billing has been a game changer for me, allowing me to focus on client care and RoadRunner billing has been consistently fast, responsive, and thorough. Things we all look for in a service-based business. I recommend their services to anyone that I speak with and am 100% pleased with their work. ”
~One Love Counseling, Georgia
“Roadrunner billing has been a game changer for me, allowing me to focus on client care and deligate any insurance issues. Extremely prompt, efficient communication and turn-around with requests. I trust Lisa, Pam and her team for their fluidity, knowledge and professionalism handling insurance billing and benefit questions. Thrilled with the services they provide and highly recommend them! ”
~ESME Counseling, Wisconsin
“Roadrunner Billing has been an invaluable business associate. They assisted me in getting six months of back billing submitted, setup all of my client billing in an electronic system and helped me establish a billing system that works for us both. My billing is always expedited. Emails and phone calls are immediately responded to and all questions are duly addressed even when further research is required. Roadrunner Billing has also assisted me with address changes and credentialing. Let me assure you that customer service is beyond measure which is of utmost importance to me as a busy professional. I would highly recommend Roadrunner Billing.”
~Julie Marsh LPC, Arizona
“RoadRunner billing service has been a Godsend since I contracted with them in 2018. My experience before was like night and day. I love the quick response I get from Jessica whenever I have billing concerns or issues she will work night and day to resolve the issues which in 9 out of 10 is the insurance, not the biller. I am extremely happy with your service and will recommend you all day long, just like a friend recommended you two nearly two years ago the best decision ever!”
~Kewala Corporation, Arizona
“Lisa with Roadrunner Billing has been extremely helpful with processing our healthcare claims. Her patience and expertise have been fundamental in streamlining our billing services so that we can focus on growing and developing our small business. I would absolutely recommend this service to anyone interested in simplifying claims setup and processing. ”
~Levitan and Associates Psychological Services, Arizona
“From the commencement of my practice, I have been using Roadrunner billing services. I consider my partnership with Roadrunner billing as the greatest favor I received from my colleague who introduced me to their service. Roadrunner billing provides a comprehensive billing service that took away the stress that could have weighed down by practice. They go above and beyond by monitoring all my required updates and notifications, make sure that we follow up all insurance requirements. Psych Zenhealth could not have been where we are today without Roadrunner billing. I have introduced their service to my colleagues, including those in even in New York.”
~Psych ZenHealth, Arizona
“I like your service. Your staff ensure that billings are completed on time, very helpful & answers every question I have in the best of her ability. Professional & friendly. Ensure all claims are completed on time & good on doing follow up with insurance. Also response quickly when I email with questions & ensure that any issues are resolves & address in timely manner. ”
~Hallmark Behavioral Health @ Lago LLC, Arizona